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Our History & Future Plans

We started in 2016 as a Cartmel community resource especially for the elderly (my best friend Freya says elderly is from age 50 !)

Up to Covid, we met monthly and enjoyed listening to interesting talks, taking part in activities, or just having some fun and games, with some tea, cake and chat.

Since Covid (and not being able to go out) we have produced 6 YouTube ‘online’ Friendship Club sessions for folks to watch and enjoy. Many of our members have written stories, recited poetry and even sung some lovely songs. All these have been recorded and can now be viewed in the video section of the website (see links above).

Our members are folks who live on their own, the hale and hearty, the not so healthy, the old (but young at heart), folks from care homes, some with dementia. Everyone brings something special to the club. We mix beautifully and nobody is left feeling lonely. Sometimes we have very special guests, children from Lindale Primary school who come to join us.

So where are we now and what about the future with Covid 19? Maybe it is time for a change.

As soon as possible, we will have a monthly afternoon tea at a good hotel in Grange. We can and will still arrange transport, but the cost will have to be down to you. We have negotiated an amount which will be no more expensive than £10 per head. This will replace the meetings at High Newton Village Hall.

As soon as we have Government approval to go out and about safely, and we feel comfortable to resume outdoor activities, it will all be organised. Until then take care, God bless and I am very hopeful to see you all very soon. Watch this space for arrangements.


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