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A very warm welcome to you all. We are delighted you have accessed our very special Friendship Club web site. We hope you find it fun, interesting and informative. Click on the links in the big buttons and away you go!

About Us

Who are we?

We are a senior social club which provides interesting monthly events for anybody over the age of 50. We started in 2016 and are a non-profit making body run by volunteers.

What do we do?

Up to Coronavirus we had regular monthly meetings at High Newton Village Hall where we would hold interesting events alongside good company. Our events have ranged from visiting birds of prey to drawing classes to singalongs to poetry recitals, and from talks on photography, to crossing the Atlantic single handed. Variety, interest and fun was always our agenda, delivered with friendship, copious cups of tea and scrumptious cake. To add to each event, we also had a very popular visit from our Westie PAT dog Pippa.

How often do we meet?

Prior to Coronavirus we met monthly on a Wednesday at High Newton Village Hall from 10 am – 12 noon. See ‘Latest News’ as to where we go from here.

Can anyone come?

Our members are folks who live on their own, the hale and hearty, the not so healthy, the old (but young at heart) and folks from care homes, some with dementia. All are welcome because everyone brings something special to the occasion. We are a friendly crowd, and nobody is left feeling lonely.

Very often we have very special visits from Lindale Primary Cchool children who come to join us.

If you would like to know anything further, please contact us. We would be delighted to help.

Latest News

Life after Coronavirus?

This pandemic really scuppered our 2020 programme and all events after February were cancelled. However, not to be beaten and as a way of keeping in touch and still providing friendship, we took to producing regular u tube videos, with your help of course! We produced a series of 6 videos, the last being the 2020 Christmas Bumper Edition which are available on YouTube and also on this web site.

As this pandemic rumbles on, we are very limited in what we can achieve. However we are putting huge effort into our web site to try to help keep you cheerful and entertained. Special thanks to Ben, our website technician, who is so patient with all the new ideas.

We have reformatted the website to include additional titles: Storytime, From our own Correspondent and Photoshoot. Story time is for you to write and or read a story, from our own correspondent is you reminiscing about a country/holiday that you have really enjoyed and can talk about and Photoshoot is for your favourite photos.

Your contributions of photos, songs, poetry, activities, monologues and stories are what will keep this website fresh and exciting. It will be updated 4 times a year, so please think on and send us some material.

We also have a regular telephone ring round to make sure our members were ok. If you are interested in this, please just complete the contact form at the end of this web site and we will be in touch.

The Future and 2021

We don’t know when our club can resume but maybe it is time for a change. We have researched the local hotels and have decided to continue our social activities, as soon as we are able. We will arrange, somewhere in Grange, a regular monthly afternoon tea where we can meet up and continue our friendship. Alas this has to be at your expense, but we have negotiated a cost at no more than £10 per head. As ever we can arrange transport. Watch the latest news for a date.

As soon as we have Government approval to go out and about safely, and we feel comfortable to resume outdoor activities, it will all be organised. Until then take care, God bless and I am very hopeful to see you all very soon. Watch this space for arrangements.

Meanwhile enjoy the website, there is lots to do on there!


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